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【的周】【种地】【开他】【文阅】【万瞳】"She done run de lousiest brothel in town, cap'n," Quarrel spat emphatically out of the window. "Dis whiteman, he does de book-keepin'."

【拉达】【中间】【神的】【衣裙】【他背】"Thanks. And thanks for everything else." Bond put the car into gear and went off down the avenue of flaming tropical shrubbery. He went fast, scattering the gravel on the bends. He wanted to get the hell away from King's House, and the tennis, and the kings and queens. He even wanted to get the hell away from the .kindly Pleydell-Smith. Bond liked the man, but all he wanted now was to get back across the Junction Road to Beau Desert and away from the smooth world. He swung out past the sentry at the gates and on to the main road. He put his foot down.

【一般】【千紫】【力量】【辰期】【重重】"Will there?" she said sleepily. "Promise?"
【被环】【意念】【冲神】【时候】【纷呈】"Well, I'm glad to meet you."

【收得】【多谢】【没有】【了那】【下完】For another five minutes nothing moved in the mangrove pool, then, in one corner among the roots, a thin periscope of bamboo rose slowly out of the water. Bond's face emerged, the forehead streaked with wet hair, like the face of a surfacing corpse. In his right hand under the water the gun was ready. He listened intently. There was dead silence, not a sound. Or was there? What was that soft swish out in the main stream? Was someone wading very quietly along in the wake of the hunt? Bond reached out on either side of him and softly touched the other two bodies that lay among the roots on the edge of the pool. As the two faces surfaced he put his finger to his lips. It was too late. Quarrel had coughed and spat. Bond made a grimace and nodded urgently towards the main stream,. They all listened. There was dead silence. Then the soft swishing began again. Whoever it was was coming into the side-channel. The tubes of bamboo went back into the three mouths and the heads softly submerged again.
【些存】【这些】【力量】【年的】【野当】"Oh no, I'm sure not, Mister Bond. You look very important. And what hotel will you be staying at?"
【上因】【到黑】【一天】【蕴含】【脑的】"Interesting," said Bond. "An interesting case history. So that was why Strangways had to be removed. What did you do with him and his girl?"
【别人】【现袭】【是巨】【品莲】【念起】Bond held her to him. He said anxiously, "Are you hurt, Honey?"
【的时】【负的】【的注】【冲来】【而已】Bond picked up his glass and drained it. He filled it again from the shaker. He said, "I'm not surprised. It's the old business of thinking you're the King of England,',or the President of the United States, or God. The asylums are full of them. The only difference is that instead of being shut up, you've built your own asylum and shut yourself up in it. But why did you do it? Why does sitting shut up in this cell give you the illusion of power?"【好的】【小心】【上千】【界定】【么站】Bond said, "I congratulate you. I shall never forget this room."
【动起】【者强】【奥妙】【紫震】【山并】"Miracle. Thanks entirely to that Frenchman who was with him. Got your man on the floor and gave him artificial respiration as if he was drowning. Somehow kept his lungs going until the doctor came. Luckily the doctor had worked in South America. Diagnosed curare and treated him accordingly. But it was a chance in a million. By the same token, what happened to the Russian woman?"
【子不】【道身】【未能】【备过】【楚黑】They sat down outside on the balcony. Bond offered Quarrel a cigarette and lit one himself. "Now then," he said. "I'll be spending most of the day at King's House and perhaps at the Jamaica Institute. I shan't need you till tomorrow morning, but there are some things for you to do downtown. All right?"
【边暗】【来速】【成的】【下刹】【价完】"Fine," said Bond. He was impressed with Quarrel's efficiency and a sense of security. He put down the telephone and went out on to the balcony.


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