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【续呆】【造者】'And then, as if this was not enough, and she had not stood sufficiently in the light of this child's sister, Betsey Trotwood,' said my aunt, 'she marries a second time - goes and marries a Murderer - or a man with a name like it - and stands in THIS child's light! And the natural consequence is, as anybody but a baby might have foreseen, that he prowls and wanders. He's as like Cain before he was grown up, as he can be.'【干什】【想法】【变自】【微动】'I am sure, Peggotty, I am sorry too. If I believed it was his sorrow, I should not think of it at all. But it's not that; oh, no, it's not that.'【经触】

【属生】【可怕】'You'll take a high degree at college, Steerforth,' said I, 'if you have not done so already; and they will have good reason to be proud of you.'【并且】【灵前】【理解】【万古】'Died with her,' replied Mr. Murdstone.【这是】

【一下】【尽量】The unbroken stillness of the parlour window leading me to infer, after a while, that she was not there, I lifted up my eyes to the window above it, where I saw a florid, pleasant-looking gentleman, with a grey head, who shut up one eye in a grotesque manner, nodded his head at me several times, shook it at me as often, laughed, and went away.【就算】【这一】【灵界】【个人】I looked up, and met her sharp bright glance respectfully.【的感】【遭到】【象淹】It was Mr. Micawber! It was Mr. Micawber, with his eye-glass, and his walking-stick, and his shirt-collar, and his genteel air, and the condescending roll in his voice, all complete!【天之】【夺人】【精神】【踹飞】'I thank you, ma'am,' replied the Doctor.【说道】

【可以】【死神】I answered that it was a beautiful one. I should think it must have been as much as seven feet high.【已现】【特殊】【能量】【望不】I never saw his mouth so wide, or the creases in his cheeks so deep, as when he delivered himself of these sentiments: shaking his head all the time, and writhing modestly.【满是】

【升腾】【他却】'Look at me, Peggotty,' I replied; 'and see if I am not really glad, and don't truly wish it!' As indeed I did, with all my heart.【器人】【迦南】【勒起】【然困】'Not you, I suppose, Agnes?'【合孕】

【锁区】【找到】I was such a child, and so little, that frequently when I went into the bar of a strange public-house for a glass of ale or porter, to moisten what I had had for dinner, they were afraid to give it me. I remember one hot evening I went into the bar of a public-house, and said to the landlord: 'What is your best - your very best - ale a glass?' For it was a special occasion. I don't know what. It may have been my birthday.【乌云】【位不】【释说】【几艘】'Wickfield's plans,' said the Doctor, stroking his face, and looking penitently at his adviser. 'That is to say, our joint plans for him. I said myself, abroad or at home.'【能而】

【锁住】【下文】'I thank you, ma'am,' replied the Doctor.【来往】【族伸】【错的】【俯瞰】'You'll excuse my saying, sir,' returned my aunt, 'that I think it would have been a much better and happier thing if you had left that poor child alone.'【灯的】

【量就】【界最】'Oh, my lungs and liver,' cried the old man, 'no! Oh, my eyes, no! Oh, my limbs, no! Eighteenpence. Goroo!'【还是】【这东】【望你】【是不】'But now I mean to do it,' returned the Doctor. 'My first master will succeed me - I am in earnest at last - so you'll soon have to arrange our contracts, and to bind us firmly to them, like a couple of knaves.'【无数】

【机械】【周身】'Oh! Responsibility!' said the Old Soldier. 'Everything was done for the best, my dear Mr. Wickfield; everything was done for the kindest and best, we know. But if the dear fellow can't live there, he can't live there. And if he can't live there, he'll die there, sooner than he'll overturn the Doctor's plans. I know him,' said the Old Soldier, fanning herself, in a sort of calm prophetic agony, 'and I know he'll die there, sooner than he'll overturn the Doctor's plans.'【亡波】【这一】【了战】【之下】'Come! I know what you mean,' cried Mr. Wickfield. 'You shall not be oppressed by the receipt of favours, Miss Trotwood. You may pay for him, if you like. We won't be hard about terms, but you shall pay if you will.'【条古】

【没有】【远了】'Nowhere,' said Mr. Dick.【也是】【件比】【结果】【着采】Mr. Murdstone, with an impatient, even an angry gesture, resumed, without noticing what he had said:【白象】

【因此】【但是】Miss Betsey, without taking the least notice of the interruption, continued to address herself to Mr. Murdstone as if there had been no such thing.【然是】【们虽】【数块】【法则】'I hope you have, too, Master Copperfield,' said Uriah. 'But I am sure you must have.'【大装】

【六十】【脸颊】'Look at me, Peggotty,' I replied; 'and see if I am not really glad, and don't truly wish it!' As indeed I did, with all my heart.【一湾】【越是】【够强】【读数】'And did he frighten my aunt again?'【即惊】【一个】【力量】She was much gratified; and both her hands being occupied, patted me on the head with her whip.【必死】【过分】【焕然】【现在】'I am improving my legal knowledge, Master Copperfield,' said Uriah. 'I am going through Tidd's Practice. Oh, what a writer Mr. Tidd is, Master Copperfield!'【大量】

【不敢】【有区】'No,' said Mr. Wickfield. 'No. Not yet.'【地区】【然具】【后所】【厂普】At the appointed time in the evening, Mr. Micawber reappeared. I washed my hands and face, to do the greater honour to his gentility, and we walked to our house, as I suppose I must now call it, together; Mr. Micawber impressing the name of streets, and the shapes of corner houses upon me, as we went along, that I might find my way back, easily, in the morning.【哼千】

【没有】【骨骸】I said, and thought, that they ought to be ashamed of themselves.【怕不】【备好】【一步】【全的】'A sweet lady, Master Copperfield!' said Uriah Heep. 'She has a great admiration for Miss Agnes, Master Copperfield, I believe?'【分崩】

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