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【蚁一】【教了】He turned his head and looked at Gala. For the first time he saw the ugly bruise behind her left ear. He gave her a smile of encouragement and she smiled wryly back.【至有】【有一】【知道】【暗科】"Thank you," said Bond. "No answer."【钵瞬】

【尚且】【要打】"Everything looks all right," said Bond. He examined Drax's face. The good eye was looking at him sharply. Bond paused. "Do you think there was anything between your secretary and Major Tallon?" he asked. It was an obvious question and he might just as well ask it now.【不知】【的生】【市灵】【些失】She went through the communicating door. How extraordinary it was to see her familiar things again. It must be someone else who had sat at that desk and typed letters and powdered her nose. She shrugged her shoulders and went into the little washroom. God what a sight and God how tired she felt! But first she took a wet towel and some peroxide and went back and spent ten minutes attending to the battlefield which was Bond's face.【内就】

【佛土】【竟然】He picked up the bottle again and looked at it. Plenty for Gala and a whole full glass for himself before he walked out through the door. Better than nothing. It wouldn't be too bad with that inside him so long as he walked quickly out and shut the doors behind him. No looking back.【固液】【之后】【被主】【脑强】When M. poured him three fingers from the frosted carafe Bond took a pinch of black pepper and dropped it on the surface of the vodka. The pepper slowly settled to the bottom of the glass leaving a few grains on the surface which Bond dabbed up with the tip of a finger. Then he tossed the cold liquor well to the back of his throat and put his glass, with the dregs of the pepper at the bottom, back on the table.【蜈天】【加速】【舰队】"They want us dead," said Bond calmly. "So we have to stay alive. As to what it's all about, we'll just have to find that out.【怖紧】【以在】【一处】【守住】Bond's heart jumped into his throat at the shout. He felt Gala shudder. Silence. Nothing but the hissing of the water…【风它】

【直未】【士军】He knelt and looked at her, at the terrible white scarecrow that minutes before had been one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, and as he looked at her and at the streaks of his blood down her face he prayed that her eyes would open.【式岂】【船数】【将他】【者这】They left the house and walked across the concrete towards the distant shape on the edge of the cliff. The moon had risen and in the distance the squat dome shone palely in its light.【分钟】

【数道】【难度】He was not even disturbed by a curious portent he encountered while he was driving along King's Road into Sloane Square with half his mind on the traffic and the other half exploring the evening ahead.【这头】【白天】【一阵】【大的】"Hugger, you're wonderful," said Meyer fulsomely. "How the devil do you do it?"【绝命】

【泉迎】【血日】"Do you know the other settings?" asked Bond sharply.【不停】【情况】【尖在】【力帮】All that would have come about but for a man who scornfully cheated at cards to feed the fires of his maniac ego; but for the stuffy chairman of Blades who detected him; but for M. who agreed to help an old friend; but for Bond's half-remembered lessons from a card-sharper; but for Vallance's precautions; but for Gala's head for figures; but for a whole pattern of tiny circumstances, a whole pattern of chance.【界屏】

【玉柱】【活在】"Break it up," he said, "M.'s waiting. Lunch afterwards?"【口的】【恶佛】【迷在】【之重】Bond looked quickly at her. "When did you hear that?"【是的】

【脑已】【缘诞】Drax shot him a hard glance which he covered up with a short barking laugh and a shrug of the shoulders. "Do as you please," he said. "You've got your job to do. So long as you don't upset the routines down here. You must remember," he added more reasonably, "all my men are nervous as kittens just now and I can't have them upset by mysterious goings-on. I hope you're not wanting to ask them a lot of questions today. I'd rather they didn't have anything more to worry about. They haven't recovered from Monday yet. Miss Brand here can tell you all about them, and I believe all their files are in Tallon's room. Have you had a look at them yet?"【量已】【有其】【双眼】【大的】"Oh, really," said Bond reverently.【防御】

【和反】【效果】He walked to the door. "So long, Lil," he said, "regards to 008 and tell him to be careful of you. I'll be in France. Station F will have the address. But only in an emergency."【个例】【害的】【力让】【咽口】Bond knelt down and the girl climbed on to his back and started up.【用吞】

【战斗】【唯美】"Mein Kapitдn" he said. "I have been watching a car for some time. It is certainly following us. It has seldom been using its lights. It is only a hundred metres behind us now. I think it is the car of Commander Bond."【把净】【利找】【一艘】【零四】There was no sound except the distant rumination of a car travelling fast on the Ashford road and the chirrup of a sleepless cricket.【剔除】

【舰队】【看都】IT WAS a wonderful afternoon of blue and green and gold. When they left the concrete apron through the guard-gate near the empty firing-point, now connected by a thick cable with the launching site, they stopped for a moment on the edge of the great chalk cliff and stood gazing over the whole corner of England where Caesar had first landed two thousand years before.【按照】【了一】【来骨】【无一】"Can you come up?" asked the pleasant voice.【有一】

【收起】【而且】"And then there were months of delay and everyone got impatient. Questions in the House. The Opposition nearly forced a vote of Confidence. And then the announcement by the Prime Minister that the design had been approved by the Woomera Range experts of the Ministry of Supply, and that the Queen had been graciously pleased to accept the gift on behalf of the people of Britain and had conferred a knighthood on the donor."【一凛】【分金】【二女】【立刻】Slither, scrape, rip. His shoulders carefully expanding and contracting; blistered, bloodstained feet scrabbling for the sharp knobs of iron, Bond, his lacerated body tearing its way down the forty feet of shaft, prayed that the girl would have strength to stand it when she followed.【一场】【成生】【中一】"No," said Bond. "I've come to take over the job of the fellow who got shot. Major Tallon. Was he one of your regular customers?"【初步】【什么】【巨大】【的战】Bond concentrated on his driving as he coasted down into Dover. He kept left and was soon climbing out of the town again past the wonderful cardboard castle.【能活】

【极只】【的是】The arcs had been extinguished, but the daylight streamed down through the open roof and the blue from the sky mingling with the fierce glitter of the sunshine gave Bond the impression that he was running up inside a huge sapphire.【能量】【生的】【围心】【可能】Bond took the empty Vichy bottle by the neck. "Think again," he said. "Or I'll beat the daylight out of you until this breaks and then use the neck for some plastic surgery. Who told you to go over my room?"【知道】

【你不】【惊现】"Yes," said M. "Speaking." There was a pause. "Yes, sir? Over." M. pressed down the button of his scrambler. He held the receiver close to his ear and not a sound from it reached Bond. There was a long pause during which M. puffed occasionally at the pipe in his left hand. He took it out of his mouth. "I agree, sir." Another pause. "I know my man would have been very proud, sir. But of course it's a rule here." M. frowned. "If you will allow me to say so, sir, I think it would be very unwise." A pause, then M.'s face cleared. "Thank you, sir. And of course Vallance has not got the same problem. And it would be the least she deserves." Another pause. "I understand. That will be done." Another pause. "That's very kind of you, sir."【以作】【应虚】【于本】【力非】. back was towards them and he was idling along, killing time.【章黑】

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