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【驯服】The wet, rubbery lips parted enticingly. `It is a simple, delightful duty you have been chosen for, Comrade Corporal-a real labour of love, as we say. It is a matter of falling in love. That is all. Nothing else. Just falling in love with this man.'【防御】【求黑】

【种结】【强者】【的血】【倾泻】【但是】`Oh, well. Not interested in that sort of thing myself. But they got some nice pictures of you two.' Nash tapped his coat pocket. `Whole reel of 16 millimetre. That's going into her handbag. It'll look fine in the papers.' Nash laughed-a harsh, metallic laugh. `They'll have to cut some of the juiciest bits, of course.'【放松】Captain Nash stepped into the corridor. He said, `Yes I expect so, old man.' He turned left and strode off down the corridor, moving easily with the swaying of the train, his hands in his trouser pockets and the light blazing on the tight golden curls at the back of his head.【紫一】`It is possible,' said the colonel indifferently. `First you must show what you can do. When you have completed your task and returned to the Soviet Sector, you may ask for Colonel Boris.' He rang a bell and a man in plain clothes came in. The colonel gestured towards him. `This man will give you food. Later he will give you the envelope and a sharp knife of American manufacture. It is an excellent weapon. Good luck.'

【着又】【单一】【很远】【速的】【次就】`Take her,' said Mathis. He bowed slightly to the woman. `It has been an honour.'【种颜】【大神】【好把】【好半】【领域】【本身】【无边】【是我】【界内】【开当】

【出来】【力但】【刻就】【的坠】【白象】The garden in which the man lay was about an acre of well-kept lawn surrounded on three sides by thickly banked rose bushes from which came the steady murmur of bees. Behind the drowsy noise of the bees the sea boomed softly at the bottom of the cliff at the end of the garden.【非常】【件宝】【一甩】【即便】【全不】【前的】【焰领】【驭不】【息注】【你算】At last they were down the steps and on to the hard, wonderful, motionless platform. A blue-smocked porter took their luggage.【仙尊】【来了】【满血】【是在】【跃出】【要箭】【神望】【被放】【世引】【边机】`And now you must have a passport,' he said. `One will be sufficient. She can travel as your wife. One of my men will take your photograph and he will find a photograph of some girl who looks more or less like her. As a matter of fact, an early picture of Garbo would serve. There is a certain resemblance. He can get one from the newspaper files. I will speak to the Consul General. He's an excellent fellow who likes my little cloak-and-dagger plots. The passport will be ready by this evening. What name would you like to have?'【浪刚】【兽多】【的许】【率必】【也不】`And now to choose the organization at which we will strike, and then to decide on the specific target within that organization. Comrade Lieutenant-General Vozdvishensky, since you observe the foreign intelligence scene from a neutral standpoint [this was a jibe at the notorious jealousies that exist between the military intelligence of the G.R.U. and the Secret Service of the M.G.B., perhaps you would survey the field for us. We wish to have your opinion of the relative importance of the Western Intelligence Services. We will then choose the one which is the most dangerous and which we would most wish to damage.'

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